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12/16/2017 12:07 pm

Tips For Choosing Windows For A Home

Homeowners sometimes discover that their windows don't last as long as the house itself, so they find themselves in the market for Window Replacement. Fortunately, there are many options in windows nowadays, and most people are able make a significant upgrade when they purchase new windows. Anyone who is considering Window Replacement Atlanta should ask themselves the following questions before committing to a purchase.

What Is The Best Material?

Window frames come in a variety of materials, and a Window Replacement Company Atlanta will most likely carry wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and PVC. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but the top considerations for most people are the appearance and the cost of the windows. Many homeowners with traditional homes prefer the look of wooden frames while vinyl frames may be better suited to more modern homes. In general, wood and fiberglass are more expensive than vinyl and PVC.

How Energy Efficient Is The Window?

Several things can contribute to a window's capacity to insulate a home. The frame itself is important, and many window frames are designed to reflect heat or trap air to prevent heat transfer. Window glass is another important factor. Double panes are much more insulating than single panes because the space between them is filled with a gas, like argon, that prevents heat from getting in or escaping out. In addition, exterior glass may have a low-E coating that reflects heat and infrared light.


What Style Of Window Is Best?

Sometimes homeowners replace traditional single or double-hung windows with a different style that transforms the look and feel of their home. Picture windows, for example, are an elegant type of window, and they provide the maximum amount of visibility. The bay window is another design that can really improve the look of a house from the street. Actually, any new windows will instantly increase the curb appeal of a home.

How Much Light Does The Window Let In?

One of the most important functions of a window is to increase the amount of light in a room. Choosing a window style with a narrow frame and large panes will maximize the amount of natural light inside the home, which can help save money on the electricity bill.

How Easy Is It To Operate?

Homeowners who want windows that they can open and close easily may want to consider buying casement windows from a Window Company Atlanta. Instead of having to push the window up or down, users open casement windows outward with a simple turn of a crank. Awning windows use a similar mechanism, but they open upward instead of to the side. Ease of operation is an especially important consideration for windows in hard-to-reach places, like above the sink or high up on the wall.


12/16/2017 12:07 pm


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